Thursday, September 18, 2008

20080918 - BESR recovery

Man, I just spent 3 hours on a BESR restore and it turned out to be a GUI issue..ugh. Here's what happened in case you see it as well.

Booting with BESR CD on new Dell PowerEdge 1900 with Perc 5/i. External USB drive connected with recovery files. I would choose to recover Computer and it would automatically find the recovery points on the USB drive. When I select the C: drive, it would automatically create a 12GB partition (same size as volume in recovery point) and thus not let me resize. It doesn't let me delete the 12GB partition. If I select the unallocated space I would sometimes get:
"Error EC950015: The V2i file source drive and the destination drive cannot be the same> Error EC950015: The V2i file source drive and the ...."
"Error EC950019: The current recovery data is invalid."

I thought this was a driver problem. So created a custom SRD cd-rom, loaded the drivers from a network share, ran disk partition utilities and removed all partitions, using support tools wiped the first track, restarted after wiping, etc. Lots of time.

****But found if I manually choose the recovery point on the USB drive by changing the View from Date to Filename, it would work just fine.*****

By the way found a cool Microsoft utility that allows you to mount an ISO file as if it was a CD-ROM on an XP machine. See: