Thursday, September 18, 2008

20080918 - BESR recovery

Man, I just spent 3 hours on a BESR restore and it turned out to be a GUI issue..ugh. Here's what happened in case you see it as well.

Booting with BESR CD on new Dell PowerEdge 1900 with Perc 5/i. External USB drive connected with recovery files. I would choose to recover Computer and it would automatically find the recovery points on the USB drive. When I select the C: drive, it would automatically create a 12GB partition (same size as volume in recovery point) and thus not let me resize. It doesn't let me delete the 12GB partition. If I select the unallocated space I would sometimes get:
"Error EC950015: The V2i file source drive and the destination drive cannot be the same> Error EC950015: The V2i file source drive and the ...."
"Error EC950019: The current recovery data is invalid."

I thought this was a driver problem. So created a custom SRD cd-rom, loaded the drivers from a network share, ran disk partition utilities and removed all partitions, using support tools wiped the first track, restarted after wiping, etc. Lots of time.

****But found if I manually choose the recovery point on the USB drive by changing the View from Date to Filename, it would work just fine.*****

By the way found a cool Microsoft utility that allows you to mount an ISO file as if it was a CD-ROM on an XP machine. See:


Anonymous said...

This post saved my sanity, I have been fighing with BESR all day, finally had a good (I hope) back up and was ready to restore onto a new RAID 5 set and got this error. Thank you for taking the time to post.

JacksRbetter said...

Wow, just as you said, chose filename and it worked. I talked with Symantec earlier before I got the error, and they sent me steps to follow, with no mention of this issue. Too bad Symantec purchased Veritas! Veritas had one of the best support programs.. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this fix!!!

lgbainbridge said...

This post saved me a LOT of frustration! I can't believe it is that simple, but even Ghost 15.0 had this error. Will have to submit ticket to Symantec. Thanks for the post.