Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saving Groupwise from Netware to USB HD

The backup of Groupwise is an issue. Need it backed up daily. It's 60GB in size. Over the network that takes about 4.75 hours...same if it's sent to a virtual machine on same host using 1000BaseT or to Windows 2000 server with Netware client installed and 100BaseT.

Successful during the day but when I set it up as scheduled task it didn't complete.. Noticed that the server util in Monitor.nlm was stuck around 99%. Hard drive light on vmware server console constant green.

Yesterday, when suspending, lvm snapshot, and then resume found vmware reported internal consistency error on one of the vmdk files. It eventually loaded but when I did an emergency backup using DBcopy the same thing as above happened. Problem is though I don't know if it was like that because of dbcopy or the corruption. Performed an Xcopy with the groupwise agents closed...5 hours later with a good backup (at least no copy failures returned). A restart and the server came up green light or high util...

I did a dbcopy last night and it stopped after 2 hours...the server was high util and green light on hard drive. I've read reports that dbcopy could get stuck on some files and a reboot of the server was required. I updated my Netware client from 4.9 sp1 to sp4 in hopes this fixes that.. The USB hard drive that I copy too was also in a funky state: couldn't copy of some files to it.. After the reboot the drive had CHK files in it...4GB worth.

Here's the batch file I'm trying to use. I also reduced the number of threads to 1:

cd \batch

DATE /T >>gwfullback.log
TIMe /T >>gwfullback.log

ECHO START Full copy >>gwfullback.log

net use g: \\tpm-fs1\vol1 gwusertpm /user:gwuser

rmdir /S /Q e:\grpwise\backC

move e:\grpwise\backB e:\grpwise\backC
move e:\grpwise\backA e:\grpwise\backB

dbcopy /v /t-1 g:\grpwise\TPM_DOM e:\grpwise\backA\TPM_DOM
dbcopy /v /t-1 g:\grpwise\TPM_POST e:\grpwise\backA\TPM_POST

net use g: /delete

ECHO DONE Full copy >>gwfullback.log
DATE /T >>gwfullback.log
TIME /T >>gwfullback.log

It's taking longer to copy with low thread count but copied during the day...about 7 hours.

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