Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DocsOpen 4.0 adding Parent doc type

We added a parent document type table and made Document Type table the child. The client is reorganizing there 100+ document types in a heirarchy in preparation to move to DM 5 and to use the Designer Folder views feature of that product. They don't want to see 100+ folders under their matter folder when they switch.

Created the parent doc type table and altered all the profile search screens and maintenance screens.

Need to put the old doc types under a parent doc type so created an 1_OLD parent document type (the "1_" so it will be listed first in a lookup). Looked up the SYSTEM_ID of the 1_OLD parent document type and used this SQL command in SQL analyzer

update docsadm.documenttypes set PAR_DOC_LINK = '295778' WHERE PAR_DOC_LINK is null

to change all the old document types so they will be children of this parent document type.

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